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On Time Productions is a theatrical company that writes, directs and produces full scale Biblical plays, skits, songs, and monologues based on scripture dealing with issues from Biblical times and the present to communicate the Word of God in a relevant way to people of all ages using the wisdom of scripture showing that God is still the same today as He was 2000 years ago.

On Time Productions brings scripture passages to life with the purpose of using the art of drama to win souls for Jesus Christ. Dr. Deborah's gifted art form grabs the attention of people and breaks down barriers, making a pathway for the message of the Gospel.

Dr. Deborah opens the imagination of all to "see and watch" the Word of God materialize, visibly bringing the truth of God's Word to an understanding and gaining truthful acceptance by the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit to transform and revive the hearts of people.

On Time Productions designs their own sets and makes their own props and costumes according to the vision that God gives. The themes are scripturally traced and dramatically portrayed reflecting Biblical and historical specifications of those times. This makes On Time Productions very effective, inspiring and motivating to modern-day believers, while challenging the unbeliever to come to Jesus Christ.

Deborah Singing 2019 Biblical Drama

Some Biblical Character Monologues

Major Productions (Biblical Stage Plays)

Slave Woman Darma

Some Biblical Skits

Mime & Liturgical Dance

On Time Productions is awesome and anointed in Mime and Liturgical dance. On Time Productions uses Mime and Liturgical dance as a powerful tool to portray the gospel and other Biblical truths; and as a powerful expression of praise and worship.

Dr. Deborah ministers Mime and Liturgical dance by choreographing and interpreting gospel music, using illustrations, props, and non-verbal methods to allow understanding of God's truth, to inspire and send a powerful message about God.

Dance Bowing Up

God uses Dr. Deborah, His "preacher-teacher-liturgical- mimer" to spread His gospel message through every anointed free flowing angelic move; to the powerful dramatic gestures, animated facial expressions, and hand and body signs while miming to depict God's Word, God's will, life's struggles and accomplishments in every Holy Spirit filled presentation! Whether mime or liturgical dance; the very presence of God is ushered in! "For in the presence of God there is fullness of joy, and at his right hand, there are pleasures forever more." (Psalm 16:11)

On Time Productions is available to present or teach liturgical dance or mime conferences and workshops all to prepare people for a healing and delivering experience through these various forms of dance.

On Time Productions can take your theme, song or idea and build a production, skit, dance or monologue that will enhance and meet the needs of your program with professional production values; all with a message of salvation by lifting up the name of Jesus, so that He can be glorified and draw all men unto Himself.

To request the services of On Time Productions submit the request form or call/fax (253) 535-2852.

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