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Booking Request Form For On Time Ministries/On Time Productions

Dr. Deborah can preach, teach and perform anything up to two hours in one performance and can offer Sunday morning and/or evening church services, Celebrations, Conferences, Youth gatherings, Missions, Schools, Outreaches, Workshops, and anything else God can be glorified through her ministry.

Please complete the form below and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

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  • All accommodations must be paid for in advance of On Time Ministers/ On Time Productionsí arrival.
  • Please complete 3 Weeks Prior to Engagement if possible.
  • The performance area will always bring better results if it is raised. Mime, drama and Liturgical Dance are a full body art-form and so if only the waist up can be seen because of low elevation, then half the impact will be lost. Dr. Deborah works on all levels including lying down. If no raised staging is available then careful consideration of seating would be essential.
  • Dr. Deborah's goal is to tailor each conference or workshop to the needs within your individual church or community of churches.

Travel Procedures and Policies

The following is an overview of On Time Ministries/On Time Productions' expectations for our time of ministry with you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Airfare reimbursement

The church/organization is responsible for booking and purchasing the tickets with our approval of the flight itinerary before the purchase is finalized.


The church/organization is responsible for our transportation. This includes, but is not limited to, transportation to and from the airport, church and hotel. A rental car is usually not necessary. We will advise you in advance if we require a rental car.


The church/organization is responsible for hotel accommodations. Dr. Deborah will need her own private room. We respectfully request that the hotel be clean and possibly newer. We will cover the phone calls made at the hotel. A quiet, private room in someone's house would also be acceptable.


The church/organization is responsible for the meals. We prefer to eat in family friendly restaurants including places such as Olive Garden, Applebee's, Denny's, Red Robin, and Mexican cuisine. For snacking, Deborah enjoys fresh fruit, nuts, trail mix, crackers, water, and hot tea.

Ministry requirements

When preaching or teaching Dr. Deborah prefers a lapel mic or alternatively a wireless microphone. For dance workshops please provide a PA system, preferably with a lapel mic or alternatively with a wireless microphone and a good sounding CD player. For smaller venues, a good sounding boom box with base will be sufficient. Please provide bottled water.

Financial requirements

Promotional information

On Time Ministries/On Time Productions will provide biographies and photographs for promotional purposes, at your request. The host will be responsible for the local advertising through fliers, newspaper, radio, contact with other churches, etc.

Audio/video recordings

We ask that the church/organization provide us with a copy of all audio or video recordings of the services and teaching sessions if any are made before our departure.

Ministry resources

On Time Ministries offers many excellent materials to equip and encourage the Body of Christ through previous teachings, preaching and dance events. These items will either be shipped to the church/organization or we will bring them with us. We ask that the church/organization designate someone to be responsible for table set-up and tear down. We will contact you within two weeks of the event with specific details.

Any or all above mentioned procedures and policies may be modified with our consent to suit your particular situation or event. We are flexible and will work with the church/organization to meet your particular needs.

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